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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Tancevski
  • “Dr. Tancevski took excellent care of me. My medical care was excellent, and I felt safe and cared for all during this experience. He is a great doctor.”
    – Carol M.
  • “Dr. Tancevski is amazing! I came to this office to see Dr. Tancevski for a second orthopedic opinion on my right knee. The first doctor only did a few X-rays, never physically touched my knee and said: “surgery it is.” I inquired about what would get done if there was more of a problem then on the X-ray and the first doctor's response was, “ I’ll fix it when I get in your knee.” Upon leaving my gut was telling me, “ Alicia, get a second opinion,” Dr. Tancevski was highly recommended, and I’m so glad I came to see him. He's candid and open about the plan of action. Dr. Tancevski reassured me, and I’m looking forward to following and doing his plan of action for my care. ”
    – Alicia A.
  • “Exceptional in every way. Kind, friendly, and helpful. His smile lifts you. He is wonderful!”
    – Richard B.
  • “Once again, Dr. Tancevski came to my rescue. He is an excellent doctor, personable and friendly. He knows how to fix things. Even when I was worried, seeing his smiling face and hearing his voice before surgeries, calmed me and reassured that I was in good hands. ”
    – Richard B.
  • “Dr. Tancevski was exceptional. He was pleasant to me and seemed to care about my problem. Surgery was great (if you can say that about operation). The surgery center was very nice, with friendly staff. I have recommended Dr. Tancevski to others the most significant testimony I can think of!”
    – Richard B.
  • “Interestingly, my wife Kay had the same surgery two weeks before I did. We both had torn meniscus surgery. She on her right knee, and I on my left. Both of us walked out of the surgery center (Northpoint), and we are both pleased with the results. You can be sure I have recommended you to others. Northpoint's staff was great! Blessings and thanks. ”
    – Richard B.
  • “All the staff has been friendly and helpful when needed. I love Dr. Tancevski. He got me walking pain-free again. When I injured my knee, I was hesitant about going to an Orthopedic Doctor; I thought they were for athletes only. I will be happy to recommend this office to anyone having problems.”
    – Pauline L.
  • “Dr. Tancevski has been my surgeon for all my surgeries, and I wouldn't even think of anyone else. He is always understanding, kind and professional. As is all the staff at OSSM. I would recommend Dr. Tancevski, and the OSSM facilitate and staff to everyone. ”
    – Scott H.
  • “This office is very quick to get into, and my appointments always started within 5 minutes of my scheduled time. I am very considerate of my providers time and feel it is a great experience when he or she is my time as well. I would certainly recommend Dr. Tancevski to anyone who is considering a total knee replacement. My experience was met with a positive outcome, and I could not be any happier. I have a life a minimal pain (I am still healing), and with a beautiful staff of physical therapists just down the sidewalk from Dr. Tancevski office, my total experience was something you read in stories but don't think it is possible. Don't hesitate to contact this office if you are looking for a great experience. ”
    – Ted C.
  • “Dr. Tancevski always greets me with a smile. He is very personable and cares for me as a patient. He always asks if I have any questions. When I do ask a question, he answers fully. He still is prepared and has a plan of action to help me. I trust him!”
    – Sally O.
  • “Very professional and courteous. Experienced no problems from start to finish. Would highly recommend.”
    – Debra W.