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  • “Dr. Westerheide took a great deal of his time to explain and review my x-rays with me and to answer any questions or concerns I had. I was beyond satisfied with my care and treatment by Dr. Westerheide and the staff at Orthopedic Urgent Care. The added bonus is that the urgent care is 10 minutes from my house.”
    – Stephanie T.
  • “I had an excellent experience during all phases of my custom knee replacement. Dr. Westerheide and his staff are professional at the same time being very caring and supportive. My healing and recovery time have been much quicker than I had expected. I am pleased with my custom knee and highly recommend this to anyone who may be facing knee replacement. ”
    – Belinda S.
  • “Dr. Westerheide is a conservative surgeon. He doesn't rush into surgery but tries to remedy your pain in other ways first. If surgery is needed, he has a class for his patients explaining the operation and how recovery will be. This doctor is a nice man. I have to say he is lots of fun and can make you relaxed about what surgery will mean for you. There is an explanation for every question you could ever have. The people he surrounds himself with are excellent from his nurses to his P.A. Dr. Westerheide is the surgeon but we are the patients, and the whole experience goes better when you as a patient listen to instructions do the therapy as they tell you to do it and also do your therapy exercises multiple times a day. The therapy department is the best I have ever been involved with. I was also pleased with the surgery center at North Pointe. The people there were also perfect put me at east friendly compassionate it is a beautiful facility top of the line. My experience with shoulder surgery was better than I could ever have imagined. ”
    – Joyce W.
  • “I was scheduled for regular knee replacement with a practice in Columbus, OH when my niece who is a nurse told me that custom made knees were available. I went to the internet and did my research. I discovered that even though there are many doctors in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Cleveland that do custom knees through a company called Conformis there was only one in the Columbus area and he was in Newark. I decided that a few trips to Newark would be worth a custom knee and I am glad I did. I was able to get an appointment within a week, and my custom knee was ordered within a week and a half. Once the knee is requested, it takes six weeks for delivery, but it is worth the wait. I had my surgery on July 25th, and six weeks later I am riding my exercise bike and climbing stairs without any problems. I am pleased that I made the decision to go with Dr. Westerheide for my knee replacement and I am scheduled to have my other knee done on October 31.”
    – Diane J.
  • “I am a physical therapist in the state of Ohio and had heard from a colleague in Dayton about the success she saw in rehab with people who had the Conformis knee. So when I was informed by my orthopedist that I was not a candidate for a third arthroscopic surgery due to the increased osteoarthritis, I immediately asked about the Conformis implant. He did not do this implant, so I went home to do my research. After researching the Conformis implant, I knew this is what I wanted for myself. On the Conformis website, I put in my zip code and found the nearest surgeon to my home. I made an appointment to talk to Dr. Westerheide about Conformis. He answered all my questions, and as a therapist, I was informed I had more issues than usual. The next day I made the appointment for the surgery. Surgery went as expected and I started physical therapy the next day. At day one, I had full knee extension and began with 112-degree knee flexion. Due to less bone cut on the femur, the hamstrings were not tightened and therefore the full knee extension. This allowed for good stable weight bearing from day one. I went from a walker to a cane in 4 days and to using nothing in 12 days. After two weeks I had 125 degrees flexion and a good ambulation gait. At week 4, I was going up and down stairs reciprocally with a hand railing. I went back to work part-time at day 16. Although my knee was doing well, my endurance was not fully recovered at this point to work full-time. My physical therapist stated that my ROM was ahead of all her standard knee patients and that my physical ability was excellent for post total knee surgery. My experience has been unique and I would not hesitate to recommend the Conformis knee and Dr. Westerheide to any of my friends or colleagues. I went to Africa 9 weeks post-op. There was someone on the trip that was seven months post-op, and she couldn’t get on the van or climb steps to the lighthouse. I read the blogs when I was making my decision. ”
    – Linda B.
  • “I went to Dr. Westerheide, and he recommended the Conformis to me, and I agreed to have the 3d image taken of my knee. The wait was 6 to 8 weeks, but after five weeks from surgery, it was well worth the wait. I am now in physical therapy for the 5th time and am doing great from what they tell me. I do go the extra mile at home working some of the same exercises they give me at therapy along with my wife helping to stretch my leg every night. I do believe that at the end of my treatment I will be at 100%. I have an excellent therapist Stephanie McElfresh that has done wonders with the movement of my knee. I give her much of the credit for helping me get to my goal. I recommend this type of knee surgery to anyone who is willing to get it done. I wasn't walking well at all when I went in for surgery but am now fully satisfied with my progress.”
    – Roy H.
  • “Super cute doctor, he explained everything to me and what was best to fix my problem. As much as I hope I don't need him again, I wouldn't hesitate to go to him back for any orthopedic problem!”
    – Sherry P.
  • “I am retired from the Army and had nine years active duty and 15 years in the Army National Guard and one year in Iraq with the Army National Guard. I am busy with the VFW and with cub scouts, and I do military funerals. In 2002 I fell on my knee and had to have my patella burs-tare moved because I could not drain fluid off of knee. I was still in the guard, so I still had to run the pt test, later I got to walk 2 1/2 mile. I retired in 2010. Since I was out of the military I put on some weight, but my knees were hurting more, I went to the VA, but they said that I was too young to have a replaced knee so I looked to see what another doctor would say. Dr. Westerheide said that I was a good candidate for a ConforMIS knee. I have heard the horror stores about knee replacements. I was totally relieved by it when I was walking that day of the operation.”
    – Joseph F.
  • “The doctor is always concerned about my health. He always explains everything about what’s wrong and what my options. ”
    – Kevin W.
  • “I had surgery on my left knee. Dr. Westerheide was very professional and he took his time to explain the entire procedure. ”
    – Donna W.
  • “Dr. Westerheide is a very good Doctor.”
    – Gary C.
  • “I know that Dr. Westerheide is the very best orthopedic doctor around! He is wonderful! He listens to your concerns and explains everything about what is happening to your joints, etc. also you’re options for treatment. He’s very gentle and does a good examination. He explains things to you, not in doctor terms and gives you plenty of time for questions. I love his personality and disposition and totally recommend him. He will always be my orthopedic doctor!”
    – Holly C.
  • “Dr. Westerheide is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I saw him about eight years ago when I first started having trouble with my shoulder. He gave me exercises to do and that helped me along until just this February. I feel that he is conservative about injuries. There is no jump to surgery with him and I appreciated that. He did an MRI and found a tear. I had shots and therapy which didn't fix my problem and my surgery was in March. I really feel I am doing well. I am doing the exercises and can see improvement in the movement of my shoulder already! Dr. Westerheide is a very nice man and I have to say he is very entertaining. He took the scary part of surgery away and made it a good experience. I don't want to do this again but I can't say that this was a terrible time in my life. I recommend him to everyone that is having problems with joints or injuries. I want to thank him so much for repairing my shoulder. ”
    – Joyce W.
  • “Surgery seemed to go well. Loved the care shown to me and my family while we were at New Albany center. Thank you for your caring and kindness!”
    – Cynthia C.
  • “Excellent diagnosis and recommended course of treatment. Very knowledgeable.”
    – Jerry G.