Edward L. Westerheide, M.D., was recently featured in The Columbus Dispatch for performing a custom knee replacement on a patient nine weeks away from a trip to Africa.

His patient, Linda Bilardello, suffered from osteoarthritis and had been planning this trip to Africa for over a year and did not want to delay it.

Linda was not only able to take her trip to Africa with no delay, but she was also able to climb over 200 steps to a lighthouse at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa with no problems.

The custom-made implant from Conformis that Dr. Westerheide used for Linda’s knee replacement procedure was designed to fit her unique anatomy using CT scans as well as a 3-D printer.

“The system can go back in time and give you the knee that God gave you prior to you developing arthritis,” said Dr. Westerheide.

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