patient riding bike again

Active Reynoldsburg cyclist Steve M. is no stranger to shoulder injuries. In fact, after a biking accident six years ago, Steve sought treatment with Dr. Edward Westerheide when his daughter, a registered nurse, recommended him. After undergoing a repair procedure for his right shoulder, Steve had been back to biking and even skied all the slopes at Lake Tahoe last March. This fall, he had another accident on his bike, and his left shoulder was severely injured.

Steve was able to immediately visit Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine’s Orthopedic Urgent Care, skipping the ER. “I got right in, no problem,” said Steve. “They treated me really quickly. Then they set me up for an MRI. I have no complaints about them—I recommend them.

“I had the accident, and in about two and a half weeks, I went over the MRI with Dr. Westerheide, and then a week later, I had that surgery. So, it went really quick,” explained Steve, who was scheduled for urgent surgery at our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center, Northpointe Surgical Suites. There, he received specialized orthopedic care with top-notch anesthesia services to make his surgery as painless as possible.

“Dr. Westerheide’s really good. He knows his stuff, and that’s the main thing—get the right person to do it,” said Steve. “But you have to follow through with the exercises. You can do it if you work at it.”

Steve, now 72, is back to riding his bike again. He’s taken some time off to focus on his recovery, but he’s been working hard to be back in full blast at his finish carpentry business for the start of the new year. He hopes his story can help encourage others to stay determined, remain active, and keep doing what they love.