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Our world-class team of orthopedic experts is devoted to providing customized treatment plans focused on your needs and goals. We specialize in keeping you active.

Welcome to Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine

Since 1976, Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine have remained the dedicated bone, joint, and muscle experts in Granville and the surrounding areas. Our doctors understand that being your best matters, and each one of them is devoted to delivering the exceptional, compassionate care you need to keep living your healthy, active lifestyle.

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Our Specialties

At Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine, we have the expertise, the experience, and the technology to deliver excellence in orthopedic care, specialized to meet your individual needs. To learn more about orthopedic injuries and conditions for specific body parts and our areas of specialty, please use the links below.

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We carefully treat all aspects of spine care, from diagnosis and treatment to surgery and rehabilitation.

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Foot & Ankle

We provide comprehensive care for all your foot, ankle, and podiatry needs, whether it’s a simple injury or a more complex condition.

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Our team of specialists works together to provide a full range of services to treat issues involving the hand, wrist, and/or elbow.

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Whether you’re dealing with a hip injury or chronic hip pain, trust us to provide you with the best possible care.

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Joint Replacement & Revision

Our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in performing all types of joint replacement & revision surgeries.

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Sports Medicine

Our physicians are experts in the field of sports medicine and expertly diagnose and treat all types of sports injuries.

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We have helped countless patients who are dealing with all types of knee conditions find relief from knee pain, and we can do the same for you.

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Whether you’re dealing with a sports injury in your shoulder, or you’re simply looking to improve your overall shoulder health, we can help.

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Orthopedic Trauma

Our orthopedic trauma doctors work with a wide range of people, from those who have sustained simple bone fractures to others who have been in life-threatening accidents and have multiple injuries.

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Pediatric Orthopedics

Our pediatric orthopedic doctors are recognized experts in providing evaluation and treatment for pediatric orthopedic injuries and conditions.

Our Services

At Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine, our commitment to delivering excellence in orthopedic care continues through our services.

We offer top-notch orthopedic and sports surgery at our Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Explore our state-of-the-art facility and learn about our personalized care and lower treatment costs to ensure your optimal health.

Experience immediate, specialized orthopedic care at Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine with our Orthopedic Urgent Care services. We offer swift access, minimized wait times, and cost-efficient services available during regular hours for quick relief and recovery.

Discover the transformative capabilities of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Our doctors use this radiation-free diagnostic tool to offer detailed insights into internal structures, ensuring precise medical assessments for you or your loved ones.

Our team takes advantage of the precision and convenience of digital X-rays. We provide affordable imaging techniques that are examined by our specialists, ensuring you get an accurate and efficient diagnosis of your discomfort.

Get top-notch physical therapy at Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine for joint pain and mobility. Our expert team provides personalized care, specializing in arthritis, back pain, and sports injuries. Learn about our excellence in outpatient orthopedic care.

Our doctors at Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine explain what osteoporosis is, its causes, symptoms, and the latest treatments. Our experts have discovered ways to help you lower your risk of bone injury.

We provide effective options for orthopedic and sports medicine support. Learn about our diverse range of devices, including ankle braces, back supports, and more, to aid in improving your health and mobility.

We're dedicated to helping you be at your best.

Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine appreciates the continued support of our patients throughout the years, and we will continue to serve our community with exceptional, specialized care.


We strive to actively contribute to our local and extended community.

Proud Partner of OrthoAlliance

Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine
is a proud partner of the OrthoAlliance network of practices. OrthoAlliance works with top orthopedic practices to expand patient access to expert clinicians and best-in-class orthopedic care. Together, our focus is on providing each patient with compassionate, patient-centered, and exceptional comprehensive care,

OrthoAlliance team members work closely with our practice to deliver exceptional patient experiences. Therefore, you may see OrthoAlliance branding on billing statements and other patient communications. If you have questions or would like to learn more about OrthoAlliance, please contact us at contact@joinorthoalliance.com.

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